Search Analysis and Seo

There is so much that goes into making sure the right visitors get to your website. One of these is through Search Analysis and SEO, Search Engine Optimization. Every Search Engine Optimization strategy is based on data, data collected using search-analysis techniques. There are various ways to do this analysis but the most common of them all is using data collected by a search engine or third party.

SEO is the basis

SEO, used in conjunction with the other tools, can be a very good starting point for search analysis. SEO dumps so much data about your visitors and potential customers thereby making it very easy to understand their intentions, where your weak points are as well as where you need to improve.

Collecting the requisite data

Before getting started with the SEO and search analysis, you need the data to analyze ad work with. One of the biggest sources of this data, as mentioned, is search engines and other third-party tools. Google has the largest suite of such tools (Google Trends and Google insights) and you would do best to take advantage of the various features they offer.

Third-party services will collect data from various sources on your behalf. One of the biggest differences between these services and search engines is the accuracy and freshness of the data. Data collected from the third party tools might be a few days old. Considering how fast the internet moves, a few days might be too late for you to take action. It is therefore advisable to base any decisions on the freshest data from search engine based sources.

Search analysis is an imperfect science

Even with all the tools that we have, search analysis remains a very highly imperfect science. One of the biggest reasons for this is how the data is collected as well as how it is viewed. That said, more and more tools are now able to eliminate most of the doubt so you are left with data that you can use with a high degree of accuracy. Use search analysis in conjunction with SEO for the best results.

Search Analysis - Fire Up Your SEO Efforts